Trout Tales Fly Fishing Adventures
Fishing report May 11, 2005.

Trout Lake is a good bet on the coast right now. Small black beadhead leeches trolled close to the weeds are a good start. Chironomids in black or green used with a floating line and a strike indicator will work. There have also been a few damselflies hatching, so the nymph of this species trolled or with a fairly slow erratic retrieve after casting will get you some cutthroat.

Crowston is having daily hatches of mayflies, midges and the occasional ant as well. Mayfly emerger patterns, red-butt midges and bloodworms should be at hand. Don?t forget the dry fly box at home as the cutties have been coming to the surface for small dries later in the day.

Wormy has been hit or miss but, the rewards can be great if you happen to be there when the insects are hatching and the fish are active. Late afternoon has been best with black leeches, halfbacks and muddlers.

Scott Elliott
Trout Tales Flyfishing Adventures
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