Fished Spruce Creek on April 22,23,24.
Caught 30 on the afternoon of the 22nd,
20 all day on the 23rd and 7 on the morning
of the 24th(in the snow), for a total of 57!

Caught the most on grannoms durring the dounpour on the 22nd. Fish jumping like I have never seen before. Rain was washing the caddis out of the trees. Just throw your fly out there,no need for dead drift or to even see the fly. Set the hook when there was a tug on the line.Could not get
them in and off the hook fast enough. All fish averaged 14-16 inches, a few were around 20. The rain stopped and so did the fish.

On the 23rd, I prayed for came!
Same thing all over again......Down pour
and fish on.

Never had so much fun with my clothes on!