Okay, just put together the best three days I've had on Penns Creek in Central PA.
Penns is one of the most fecund streams on the East Coast and the hatches prove that out. Thursday was warm and sunny. Bugs, bugs and more bugs.
The fly of the day was either a grannom cripple or an emerger. One of my buddies hauled in a 22 inch fish. I had over a dozen fish per day.
Friday, the temp was down by 20 degrees and drizzle. No sun. Instead of being in the fast water, we found the fish in the dead slack. Again, grannom cripples and emergers did the trick.
Saturday started with rain showers with occaisional peaks of sun. Any time the sun came out, tons of caddis would cloud the air and the trout would start to rise. Good fishing was had by all.
Finally, late in the day, I encountered the Penns Creek Conundrum. I had 15 fish rising around me. Unfortunately, they were all very selective. One would only take grannoms, the next would be on BWOs, a third was nailing hendricksons, a fourth found pink cahills to his liking whilst a fifth would only eat red quill spinners. Changed a lot of flies before thunderstorms drove me off the water.
Frank Reid