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May 4/05 Fishing Report
Sunshine Coast B.C.

There have been some tremendous days of fishing in the last few weeks here on the coast and this trend will not be stopping any time soon. The most productive lakes are still at lower elevations.

Trout and Crowston lakes are fishing well and they are quite close together. Trout Lake is right on the highway so access is simple. Mayflies have been emerging daily and this is keeping the trout very active. Chironomids are also a good bet. With all stages of the insects being effective. There have been a couple of black ant hatches recently so keep your best ant pattern in your fly box. Crowston Lake is much harder to get at but it is worth the drive (a 4x4 is recommended, or a nice hike will get you there).

Paq Lake in Madeira Park has some very nice cutthroat trout and they are coming to the fly readily. Mayflies and midges are a good place to start here. This lake has great access and is a fly only catch and release lake.

Some other spots to try would be Sakinaw and Ruby lakes. Both lakes have had great insect hatches. Minnow and leech patterns have also been very effective. Early morning and late afternoon have been best. Hotel and Mixal Lakes have been off and on. They are worth a shot though.

With so many productive lakes right now, this is a great time to learn how to flyfish. Give Trout Tales a call and we will set up an adventure of a lifetime. Gift certificates are also available for that perfect mothers day present.

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