The Mothers Day Caddis started in full force this afternoon on the Yellowstone at Livingston. I took several nice fish until it got so thick there was no use even trying to put your fly on the water. Couldn't see it if you had to LOL. Just to many Caddis. I was fishing a back eddy and Had a Very large Brown come up about 4 feet from me, half out of the water, take one caddis and that was it. I got a dandy look at him and he was over 5 lbs. that was the last I saw of him. And no I didn't try for him as I have done that before and it is always the same. I think they lay down there after showing themsleves and give you the "Bird"

Anyway if anyone is headed this way they are on until it blows out. The river came down about 8 inches to day to. Ron