Went to the upper TMA on the Housatonic last night and did o.k.; caught fish on dries, emergers, and spinners but the fish are allready starting to be gun shy as the guys in rafts and drift boats pound them everyday.Presentation has to be very precise(allready!) or they'll refuse it and won't go near that fly again.Water temp was 58, flow was 1300cfs-Heres the Warning..
A fellow fell down last night in the current and was swept 5-600 yards downstream before a buddy was able to pull him out! He appeared to be o.k but was taken away in an ambulance and I haven't heard more yet-I was on the othe side of the river.YOU CANNOT HOLD BOTTOM IN FLOW OVER 1000 CFS ON THIS RIVER!.PLEASE be CAREFUL! The water may look smooth and wadeable but it's deep and still cold enough to cause hypothermia quickly.If this fellow had been alone he wouldn't have been able to pull himself out and might have drowned. He had a wading staff.But if you wade deeper than your thighs in 1300 cfs YOU WILL BE PUSHED OFF YOUR FEET!.Fish with a friend, don't over wade, come back tommorrow!