Trout Tales Flyfishing Adventures
Sunshine Coast Fishing Report
April 12,2005

The fishing is still very strong on the coast in most of the lower elevation lakes. The weather has been playing a large part in the success rates though. A few days in the last couple of weeks were better suited for windsurfing. Still, if you were able to get a cast out, you had a chance at a fish. The upper elevation lakes still have ice on a lot of them so it just makes sense to stay lower where the productivity is higher.

The Pender Harbour lakes have a lot of insect activity on them. The afternoons are typically the best if the sun has been shining for a little while. If the temperature has been consistent during the day, you may have good fishing all day that does not seem to spike in the early evening.

Egmont is also an area that deserves a look right now. There are so many lakes in close proximity that it would be easy to hit a few in just one day. If you are interested in a small hike, Brown Lake is the place for you. It?s a gorgeous hike (on your way to Skookumchuck rapids), and has very nice fish. Other options are Klein, Waugh, and North. All of these lakes have been previously stocked and have an abundance of fish.

Minnow patterns such a muddlers will be a good bet, other minnows are also worth a try. You should also make sure to have a selection of small dry flies for that hatch we all hope for.

This is a great time of year to learn how to flyfish! Why not have a relaxing day on the water, and learn a skill that you will have forever. Give us a call and let Trout Tales organize the perfect outing for you and your friends!

Scott Elliott
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