Due to a major waterfront construction project taking place in downtown Branson, Missouri, the Southwest Power Administration and The US Army Corps of Engineers have entered into an agreement with the developers to reduce the main lake level at downtown Branson to 701' above sea level and maintain that elevation for the next 3 months. To do this, they are running 2 generators @ 100 mgwts non-stop at Table Rock Dam and pulling the lake down using the Powersite Dam downstream. This technique has resulted in a relatively swift current throughout the entire lake, an elevation in the tailwater trophy trout management zone of about 705.5', and a lower-than-average elevation throughout most of the lake. At 705', wading in the tailwater section is severely limited and 100 mgwts creates a significant flow rate. Waders should use caution. For better fishing options, it is highly advisable to use a boat and drift fish the upper lake. Or hire a guided boat fishing excursion from [url=http://www.RiverRunOutfitters.com:810cd]www.RiverRunOutfitters.com[/url:810cd] or [url=http://www.LilleysLanding.com:810cd]www.LilleysLanding.com[/url:810cd] or [url=http://www.CharteredWaters.com:810cd]www.CharteredWaters.com[/url:810cd] .

I wade fished yesterday afternoon and found my options very limited. I did manage to catch a few fish, but it was slow and the fish were small. Best results came on a size 18 UV scud fished with 2 #6 split shot under an small indicator.

Fishing the Ozarks