more good fishing over the past two days in the wild trout section. taking good size browns (12-17") on small midge adults. sizes 24-28, with 26 being the best of the week. many smaller fish in the 12-14" range, and one 17", which is the biggest ive taken to date from the wild trout section.

hottest pattern was:
Red-Belly Midge
hook: TMC 101 #26 (sizes can range from 20-28, but 26 was best)
thread: black 8/0
tail: med dun hackle fibers
body: stripped brown hackle stem
hackle: med blue dun

weather was clear and warm, light breezes all day. adults were visible in "blankets" on the surface from about 11:00 am til almost 4:30 pm. cooler weather moving in over the next few days will probably shorten the hatch times. look for midday action.

all in all, great winter time fishing with good fish and few people. c'mon up (or down) and enjoy the show...

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