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Sunshine Coast BC Canada
Fishing Report Feb. 24/05

Although the temperatures have been below freezing at night, it has been unseasonably warm during the day. The result is that many of the lakes in the area have section of them that are freezing over at night, and clearing with the help of the sun in the late morning or early afternoon. All of the lakes at lower elevations are experiencing this situation where as the lakes higher up are still iced over.
There are great numbers of tiny midges or chironomids hatching on all of the lakes that have sections of clear water. These insects look almost exactly like a mosquito (the good news is that they have no intention of sucking your blood). Midges are also a staple of the trout diet, especially at this time of year when other insects are very hard to find. Trout can and will eat hundreds of midges in an hour or two. It is very possible to get trout to strike on the surface at this time of year. I will usually use a tiny Griffith?s Gnat or some other appropriate fly that matches the hatch. Without a doubt most of the fish will be caught below the surface though. One of the most productive methods for catching these cutthroat that are keying on the midges is to use a floating line with a bloodworm, beaded chironomid or other small midge pattern suspended just above the bottom of the lake. When you see the midges on the surface try getting your fly right down deep and use an extremely slow retrieve.
Trout, Mixal, Klien and Brown are all good bets right now.

Scott Elliott
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