A hunerd years ago, when I was a kid, one of my dad's 'rich' friends gave me a few copies of Field and Stream and Outdoor Life. In one of them was an article I think called "In Quest of the Three Pound Bluegill". A couple of guys spent a bunch of time and money researching, and traveling to, big bluegill waters. I think, even then, you couldn't get into Ketona but they fished some waters close. I think they finally got it done in some strip mine out west. I've been fascinated with big 'gills ever since.

I think truely "big" 'gills are a real trophy. I spend considerably more time fishing for 'gills than bass. Yet, I have caught 3 bass (only one on the fly) in the 8 pound class. (I know this isn't a big bass to some of you guys but remember - Iowa is "The Black Hole" of bass fishing.)

Yet, I can't catch a pound and a half 'gill to save my butt. 22 oz. is my biggest.

Here's a 'gill caught from a pond that I've been fishing for over 40 years. It has no no history of anything even close. Good friend of mine's 14 year old daughter - bobber and a worm.
Been 15 years and I still haven't forgiven her.

As often, the pic doesn't do the fish (or the girl) justice. 2 pounds 15 oz.

So what are the biggest 'bream' you guys have caught (or seen)? I know Jim Hatch has some stories. There's got to be more.

Where would you go for huge 'gills/crackers?

On the fly? All tackle? I just love big brim.