I got out early on Saturday, was on the water at 5:30. There was no surface activity so I went to the northeast corner where the water is supposed to warmer. I was using a white ( too simple ) streamer with a small nymph as a dropper. I caught two very small bluegill and a 12 in bass, all on the dropper. I fished a little longer and then went to the shallow part of the lake. There was a little activity on the surface and I thought it was blue gill. I put on a yellow foam spider and would cast to the activity. In the next hour I caught 10 10-12 inch bass and a large bluegill. The bass would take the spider almost immediately. I thought the bluegill would be spawning first but the bass were lots more active. The only thing I like better than learning how the fishing goes in my area is how I am learning it.