By tomorrow my canoe will be "cured" from a new coat of poly and I'll be good to go. Had to patch a hole I popped into the side getting myself sideways against a rock in a rapids. Did get out for some spin fishing for catfish Sat night and Sunday. Great fish fry on a remote island in the middle of the Minnesota River. Woke up with a wild turkey rooster just outside the tents gobbling away, then went out just after dawn to do some fishing. Across the way two weasles were doing some foreplay. Highlight, though, was having a wood duck couple alight above us in the canopy just seconds before three large hawks swept over them. One of those true nature moments. Great weekend. But this week was iceout, so with my canoe ready and my flies tied, it'll be crappie time by Wednesday or so. I'm charged. JGW