Last year was my 1st year fly fishing. I probably caught over 1000 fish from bream, small catfish, trout and bass up to 3 lbs. I've been doing mostly warmwater fishing and use a 5wt for everything and didn't catch anything that I had to get "on the reel" and have just used the reel for line storage. My reel is an old U.S. made Pfleuger Medalist 1494. Over the winter, I bought a new Pfleuger Medalist and went bigger with the 1595 that has the exposed rim control and also less line crimping/more line storage. My thinking was that the rim control could come in handy with a big bass? The reel just kind of feels heavy, but I'm sure I can get used to the bigger reel since I've only used it 3 or 4 times since I bought it. BUt I kind of miss using my old beat up 40 something year old 1494 medalist. Should I get used to using the bigger reel in case I ever hook a fish of a lifetime and will the rim control come in handy, or say if I ever catch a 10lb bass, is the rim control overkill? Thanks