Well if having too many rods is evil Then They better have flowing stream in He((

Just one As an Instructor my TFO Yellowjacket 9 ft 7wt, But I do not fish with it. The fish would leave the water walking in the Grass to get away.
My 6'6" 5 wt JR Russell Cane is close. love the feel of it and the accuracy.
I will always take my GLoomis GLX 9 ft 7 wt. I can cast big flys or long leaders. I can face into the wind and still cross the pond. It will battle most saltwater fish and all the fresh water bass, that feel mean.
It takes perch from lily pads, catfish from deep, Carp from mud flats.
Cast after cast is has done the job.
I use a Rio Long Cast line for bass, Cortland nymphing (Black & white) for trout. SA Surpreme for about anything else.
ol Al