I am new to the sport and recently went out and bought a fly rod/reel combo pack. It is by Cortland. It is a 2 piece 9' 5/6 wt. rod w/reel. The line is WF5F and the backing is 20lb./50yd. The tapered leader is 7.5ft./3x tip dia. The few flys I have are all 14 thru 18. I live in Greensboro, NC and live about 2hrs. from the mountains. I need to learn the basics before I go after trout. I plan on practicing on couple of nearby ponds that I know have bass/bluegill in them. I might as well do some fishing while I am practicing. Can I use what I have or is my kit more suited for trout? If so any advice on what type line, backing and flys I would need would be greatly appreciated.