It's amazing what a difference a few degrees of water temperature can make when it comes to peacock bass fishing.

On Saturday the water temp was 72 degrees with cloudy skies. We saw a few peacock bass, but they would quickly scatter anytime we landed a fly near them. Some guys were using live bait and having no luck.

On Sunday the sun was out and the water temp got up to 74 -75 degrees. The bass club tournament results showed a few peacock bass, the guys were using lures and mostly caught largemouth bass. A few peacock bass on streamer flys. At least I'm seeing a lot more fish even though they are ignoring me.

Monday.... clear sky and lots of sunshine. Water temperature is 78, 79, even 80 degrees in some places. The peacock bass are stacked up like cord wood.
Some are still a little skittish. Most seem to be paring up for spawning. Others have picked out a spot and are defending it. Fish are starting to get aggressive.

There was one other angler on the lake. He was largemouth fishing, but mostly catching peacocks. I was having a ball on my little 4 weight fly rod.
My plan had been to only target the red devils, but the peacock bass wouldn't leave me alone. Try catching a 3 pound peacock on a bluegill rod..... it is exciting.

Hoping for more sunshine <grin>