I know, I'm trespassin' in here, but last night I walked down to the lake behind the house armed with my 5 wt and an Accardo Spook. The orange trees are not sure yet as to bloom or hang on another week or so (bluegill signal down here). A few big wakes were apparent and I cast to one and immediately a huge explosion and a brief, and I do mean brief, hook-up. Had to be one of those chain pickerel...frayed my leader and dang near got my little Spook!
A few casts later and a nice hand-sized bluegill nailed the bug. Turn't him loose and the next gill that hit took my Spook to school under a lily pad. My Spook now resides on the stem of that dad-blasted pad.
In a week or so the big boys will be in there fannin' out beds, and I'll take THEM to school!