Got to get out on the water today!!!


Now I am not sure if this is an omen or not, but my FIRST and SECOND casts resulted in landed bluegill!!!! BH Prince #10 to the rescue from the winter blues!!!!!!!

After that, I got one or 2 on Bead head PT nymphs. But the best one for the day had to be Crappie Candy #10!!! Caught a good dozen of them once I made the switch. The only reason I used it though was for the bluegill I saw chasing a minnow!

The only down side for the day was that my 11 year old daughter got skunked! She didn't take it too bad, in fact she was just thrilled to get out and see a fish get caught! She was even happier afterward that since she got skunked, she got to chose where we ate for dinner.

Well, enough about the trip we made. how about the rest of you out there? Who else out there had or is having luck on the first warm water day of the year?? Let us know what you did ... if for nothing else to rub it in on the people still living somewhere it is too cold to start!!! (ONLY KIDDING!!!!)

But still, who's having luck and what kind??

It is time to break out the warm water gear and start telling lies!!!! HEHEHEH!!!

God bless,