Hello again all,

I am thinking of getting a new line. As you might have guess already, the one I am leaning to is the Headstart line. I am using a Sage 9' 6# and am looking for something for gill and bass fishing. I may also try to do some trout work, but that is for later in the year. Mostly though, it will be for gills and bass. Flies will be mostly setup for them, but I am wanting something that will work for some dry fly presentation work on streams as well.

I have read that a short headed line tend to not be very useful for delicate work as might be needed for the dry fly work. But I have also been told that long headed lines meant for good dry work (trout) won't cast a large bass bug well.

My line is going to be WF Floating. I have seen the SA Bass taper, but it seems to be only 1' longer head design and $20+ more than the headstart!

Other things to factor in, fishing will be from bank or from small inflatable boat, wading maybe but later on. So roll casting ease would be nice.

Any advise is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks all!!