Ok, so the last few days have been absolutely drop dead gorgeous weather out here... unfortunately, I was stuck behind a desk.

But, since it's now the weekend, had a chance to go out (under foggy skies, but that's normal for this area, and it wasn't raining!), to the local lake in search of some action.

Rented a boat, did a bit of trolling, no luck.

Focused on the shoreline, donned my polarized sunglasses, turned a corner, looked down, and i was sitting right on top of a school of trout.

Carefully, with short casts, I got a few interested in a smaller clouser minnow pattern. But they were striking short.

However, there were bass hanging out in the reeds by the shoreline, that struck that minnow with a vengance!


Hooked: 5 bass
Landed: 2 of em
Destroyed: 1 clouser minnow in the process (the fish were agressive! what can i say)

all in all, a good day for me!


(oh, sorry, no pictures. forgot to take a camera! oh well, next time)