The other 7 fishermen on the trip used either spinning or bait cating gear to throw 8-12" floating or shallow diving rapala's. Really BIG stuff. As I mentioned previously my partner and I caught ~550 fish of which my contribution was ~ 65-70% of that numbner. My partner used a bait caster and rapala with reasonable sucess. I was also forunate to catch most of the larger fish (4 fish between 17 and 12 #'s). The 17 # fish was the largest fish of the week until the last day when someone caught a 18 # fish while trolling with live bait. Didn't seem fair !? As to the quanity of fish caught , only one other twosome caught more fish than our 550 for the week. During the week I used a 9 wt rod with a 30' sink tip and the fly I descibed previously. I would just cast to the bank amongst the wood and downfalls (a la LMB fishing) and strip back to the boat. When the sink tip portion of the fly line hit the guides I would cast back to a different area along the bank. The sink tip line would get my fly down to 5-7 feet deep which seemed to be about the right depth for the fish.

RAC from ALA