So I got an aluminum boat a 13.5' and I'm pretty stoked with it. Today I was going to take her on her maiden voyage on a local impoundmet to wack and stack some pike. I got there put her in and tried to crank the motor and it wouldn't go. Seemed like some problem with the fuel delivery so I sprayed some gas in the carb and it fired right up but wouldn't stay running. So I figured that maybe the fuel pump was bad. I came home and went to town trying to get the line off the carburator side of the fuel pump to see if gas come out when I yanked the cord. Well I did get that line off but not before I snapped off a fitting that goes into the carb which rendered the engine useless. After all of this the fuel did in fact come out of the line, so I now know two things:
1.The Problem is in the carbureator
2.The fitting to the carb is now broken

So I took it to some guy that's going to charge me $50 an hour to fix the whole thing. Not exacly what I had in mind for the afternoon.

There's a lesson in here somewhere