The State parks in Georgia along with the Federal parks have stockers as far as I know so egg patterns have produced the best for me when I was up in Hiawasee. Dries and wets have worked too at times for me but I typically have used these for the wild trout waters. Wildcat State Park east of Hiawasee and Chattahoochee Federal Wildlife Management Area (Chattahoochee River National Forest WMA) in Helen is a good one

The parks used to stock on Tuesdays or Thursdays. I would find out the stock days if I were you so I could get there early while there are still some fish left after stocking.

There used to be some good LMB, bream, and speck fishing in Lake Barton. Lake Chattuge (hope I spelled it right) at Hiawasee was pretty good when the water levels were up.

Good luck .

Robert B. McCorquodale
Sebring, FL

"Flip a fly"

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