The peacock bass are starting to pair up and look for spawning sights. There has been lots of rain and overcast skis have kept the water temperature in the 71 to 74 degree range. Not warm enough to get these "tropical" Peacock Bass active and moving around much. We?re seeing a lot more fish along the shore, but they don?t seem interested in any fly, lure, or even live bait.

Last week Friday the water temp hit 76 in the late afternoon and the action heated up. The largest that day was a 4 1/2 pounder. Most were in the 1 and 2 pound range. When they turned on, any fly you put near them drew a strike. I've had good luck on any streamer fly. Now days I only tye flys on "keel hooks" because they are so weedless. When your fishing right against the shore it's easy to land that Clouser in the grass or on a tree root. Yes, I like weedless.

The red devils also got pretty aggressive. Good fun on the light 4 weight fly rods we were using. All and all it?s been some tough fishing, but next week.................... <grin>

Largemouth action has been nice. Fish are averaging 2 to 3 pounds. Haven?t seen any of those 5000 little 8 inch bass we stocked last spring. They are up around 12 inches now and usually all over the place and very aggressive. You don?t suppose those big peacock bass.......... naw!

Hope this finds all you and yours healthy and happy. If you have any questions or anything, just ask.