I fished in AZ at Lake Patagonia with a guy and his son who I met at a flyshop. A real treat to meat someone so nice. He heard me talking to the guy in the shop and new that I wouldn't have much luck at the place we were talking about without a boat and offered to take me out in his.

I fished a little creek west of San Antonio (name escapes me right now). Pretty little creek, but lots of people and not so many fish (at least not so many fish naive enough to fall for my ploys) so I found a natural area and went for a short hike.

I also spent some time in the salt on Galveston Islans.

All of it was a treat. So many birds I had never seen or heard before. For most of you cardinals and blue jays are probably quite normal, but I was excited to see them and really liked the bright color the cardinals brought to the woods. I have definately fallen in love with the southwest and will return with more time and at a little better time of year to wrangle up some fish.