Glad to hear you were able to catch some local bass while out this way. I flew over Calero late last year in a small plane (Piper Lance). I took a couple shots from the air and the water level was pretty low...found a little island towards the back of that reservior that's likely a good hiding spot for bass when the water's at normal level.

Next time you're coming out, let me know in advance and I'll send you a copy of the picture.

That lake has some good spots reachable by foot from the parking lot.

Just watch out during the hot days of summer...the rattlesnakes like to come out to play...gotta watch where you walk. That's why I prefer getting out on the water there.

In warm weather, boaters churn up the water and some folks fish right along the edge of that trying to draw out the big fish that lurk in the murk to ambush stuff in the clear.