Hi all! I've been fishing 1/50 fly rod spoons lately. These spoons have been hanging on the wall of one of our local fly shops in the "lure section" for awhile. So one day I decided to give them a try. They come in the "old school" sheet of cardboard with the individual spoons in small plastic bags. The way most of those great old lures use to come. These little gems cast like a dream on my 8 wts with a bass bug line and bass/pike leader (floating or sinking), and have incredible action in the water. But there are several problems: 1) They only come in gold 2)They have treble hooks on them that I have replaced with a single hook with chartreuse marabou tied on it, and 3) The fly shop owner doesn't like dealing with the man who made these so when they run out they wont be replaced 4) They are a tad bit expensive for my taste.

So I'm looking for some 1/50 spoon blanks but havn't been able to find any. I have made fly rod spoons by drilling with a 1/32 drill bit at the end on a spinner blade and attaching a split ring then a hook but I've not been to impressed with thier action. Has anyone ran across any tiny spoon blanks? Thanks for your help.

Mike B