Rawthumb, your right there I see some mud on the fish, and it's not nice to drop fish. The water looks shallow and muddy near shore. Probably had a difficult time landing it and didn't mean to cause the fish any harm.

PanFisher, you left too soon. Can you believe there's a fly shop in Kernville now? I'll be heading up there Thursday. The crappie may be starting up, I hear there really big this year. If the lake isn't producing I'll fish the upper river for trout, maybe the lower for trout and smallmouth.

drolfson, sorry! I hear there is some snow heading your way, sorry about that too! I grew up in the Midwest so I know what your going through.

PanFisher, funny! actually there are plenty of places in California that you can experience the conditions you described. The nice thing is, you have both.