I "discovered" a new addition to my cold weather gear that I really, really like so far. A hunting friend turned me on to it. It's long underwear called Under Armor. I've tried some other brands of polypro underwear that's supposed to keep you warm and wick the moisture away from your body but so far, I've been dissappointed 'till now. The other stuff I tried did wick the moisture away but it wasn't as warm as my cotton underwear. This stuff does what it claims to do. It's very warm and it wicks away the clammy sweat that makes you cold. It comes in 3 flavors. Cold gear, which is what I have, warm gear, and loose gear. Unless you're built like an olympic swimmer or like Ohiotuber (ie flat belly with well developed abs) get 2 sizes larger than you wear. I wear a large and I got 2XL and it fits just right. I've only tried the tops and not the bottoms. My upper body is what sweats and gets cold, not my lower body, so I'm still wearing my cotton long underwear on the bottom. Beware, this stuff ain't cheap but it's worth it in my opinion. And no, I don't work for them, don't even know where the stuff is made.
Got any cold weather gear tips you'd care to share? I'm always looking for a way to stay out in the field or on the water longer in cold weather.