Hey Everyone
Get out your calendars and mark down these dates for our 2006 Chicago Club Tournaments and a fun trips to Chicago.

1. May 13th (Saturday)
"Spring Classic"......... this will be a one day tournament, accuracy only. This one (might) include a 5 weight fly event in hopes of attracting some FFF or T/U members. Maybe a special division for FFF & T/U casters only. This would also be a good warm up for the Kentucky Open (2 day distance/accuracy) tourney. (May 20th & 21st). We will probably make this one a "non-register" tournament. This way we experiment with some modified scoring ie. skish type hit or miss, etc.

2. June 24th & 25th ( Saturday/Sunday )
"Illinois State"........ Distance/Accuracy tournament. We are (toying with the notion) of having the accuracy portion on Saturday & distance on Sunday. In the event that we hold the distance in Valpariso, as before, the distance casters would already be closer to home and the accuracy only casters can leave a day earlier than usual late Sunday. This part is up in the air so send us your reactions.

3. August 26th & 27th (Saturday & Sunday)
"The All American"....... Including all 12 distance/accuracy events plus
the coveted All American 5/8 events for all casters who have won a gold medal in an Outdoor National tournament. It's a beauty of a trophy!

OK......... we hope to see many of you in Chicago.

Phil Seroczynski, President
Chicago Angling & Casting Club