We figured it was about time to send out an update on the national.

Don't forget about this weekends IL. State Accuracy & Distance tournament in Chicago.
Distance in Valparaiso, IN. on Saturday the July 16th. and the accuracy in Chicago on July 17th.
Call Phil Seroczynski @ 1-847-358-4012 or at 1-224-628-1995 for information.
Free Marina Parking on Sunday

First off allow us to tell you what has already been done or confirmed.
1. There have been "9" new casting docks built and installed.
The docks will be carpeted for the tournament with carpet donated by our own Ray Huber and his families floor covering store in Plymouth< IN.

2. We have confirmed commitments for the following items.
(A) Numerous picnic table & canopies
(B) A gas operated generated if we cannot secure the use of a self contained camper or motor home.
(C) At least one porta potty has been confirmed for use by the lake.
We will be allowed to use the school's rest rooms at the distance field.
(D) Frank Gralak has contracted the Toledo Kinkos to handle the
last minute results program.
(E) Jim Chapralis is designing the official program and the front and back
covers for the results program.
(F) We have sanded and painted almost 80 targets but could probably still
use another 12.
(G) Office supplies such as clip boards, calculators, pens & pencils,
staplers, stop watches, micrometers, calipers, measuring tapes and one
laser system, and scales have all been set aside.
(H) John Field has been working on sponsorship but award's dinner door
prizes are still needed.
(I) The Chicago club is bringing targets and canopies
(J) Bill Burke is designing and printing the score cards, Distance field work
sheets, casting order charts for Beth Statt.
(K) Beth Statt will be our lead results tabulation person with help from local
members as well as help from Henry Mittel and Bill Burke if needed.
Other possible tabulation team members will be Dale Lanser, Sharon
Gralak and other local club people.
(L) There will be numerous wind direction flags at both the distance field and
the lake.


The Toledo club is working on the following.
(A) Securing a "self contained" camper or motor home
(B) Building a master free-standing score board
(C) Preparing the official registration hand-out packet with local travel and entertainment information as well as the official tournament program & schedule.
(D) Securing a sponsor for soft drinks and bottled water for the distance field.
(E) Setting up the schedule for the opening ceremony
(F) Building at least 48 canopy hold-down stakes.
(G) Multiple rod racks for both the accy. area and the distance area
(H) Possibly renting a second laser system.
(I) Making sure that all grasses are cut just before the tournament
(J) Making sure that no lake well water pumping is done starting two days prior to the tournament.
(K) Making target anchors for at least 80 targets.
(L) Making sure we have our business meeting and opening ceremony rooms reserved which Cabelas is allowing us to use.

Well that's about it for now. I know there is more going on but we wanted you to be aware of just how far we have come to date.

Thank and we hope to see a really big turn out in Dundee.

John Seroczynski
P/S: Hope some of you will support the Chicago club's ILL. State tournament this weekend.