Below is information from one of the organizers of this year's fair, Dan
Dixon. Hope you all can attend.
In by EMail from Don Chen: (from Dan Dixon)

I apologize as I have been trying to post an update from my other computer. The show is July 16th. Alot of us are rolling into Camp
Sherman on Thursday. There will be a gathering at the Canyon Creek campground I believe on Friday evening with cold beer, bourbon, cigars and bamboo.

There are going to be alot of rod makers this year, probably 20 or so. Off the top of my head Thramer, Kiley, Brooks, McDowell, Whitehead, Croco, Bennett, Irvine, maybe Maurer, Barklay, Schelske, Fairfield,
Stolz, Nakamura, Gobin, Smith, Loucks, French, Hoffman, Hedges and others I'm forgetting. Alot more have made the committment this year which is great.

There is going to be a one day rod build by six rod makers off of one of the Brooks/ Kiley permacane blanks based on a Dickerson taper.

Tickets will be $5.00 and you can purchase as many as you like.

There might be some casting competitions as well for prizes. I have been receiving alot of emails in the last five months regarding this year's event, and it appears this year will be fairly large with alot more of the flyfishing public attending.

I know there will be artists and casting demo's as well. Roger White has procured a 60' x 90' tent as well as food, drink and porta potties. I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention some things. Hope to see everyone there.