Reels stolen 7/15/05, from Allen Crise's (flysoup) truck at Lmham Mill Park, Glen Rose, TX.

STH I-MR-POP II with new XXD orange WF 7F line blue bag.

STH IM POP II with new XXD orange WF 5F line gray bag.

Sage 1031 with "00" line

Pfluger Supreme 1856 white line

Orvis Reel with Pink line

Orvis reels green line

Martin reel multiplier Shooting head custom

Aurora Reel with sink tip
REDINGTON Light green spey line Cortland

Okuma Sierra Green line

Fly Logic 2 w/ Spool WF 4F WF 6F lines

Fly Logic 3 W spool WF 9F WF 8F Lines.

I-POP cassettes Loaded with Line:
WF 5F orange Rio long cast
WF 6F green Cortland
WF S sink tip Cortland
WF 7 F orange Rio Long cast
WF 7 F black and white Cortland Nymphing
WF 7 F green Cortland 333
WF7F Yellow 555 Cortland
WF 8 F Green SA Mastery Demo
WF 8 Sink tip Cortland
WF 9 Clear Cortland
WF 6F Yellow

Leaders Tippet and Assorted small gear
Badge with Allen Crise Master Casting Instructor

All were in a 14 X 8 X 8 Zipper Green Bag with Back straps.

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