It has been seven days now, since the start of the Cavity Lake Wildfire. The fire is not under control, but it is being monitored by the U.S. Forest Service, which manages the BWCAW. The area of the wildfire, is an area of blow-down trees, from the July 4th 1999 storm that had straight-line winds of over 100 mph, knockdown millions of trees.

There are ground crews working on the fires edges, to prevent the fire from leaving the blow-down area. More crews are being called in to work on the south and west sides of the Wildfire. So far the fire has consumed 34 square miles of BWCAW area, of the 1,500 square miles of area within the BWCAW.

The reason for letting the fire run its course, is because this is designated wilderness area. Fires rejuvenate areas that have tree blow-downs, it is natures way.

Only 4 of the 49 entry points have been closed, as well as 10 portages, and three lakes. Those who had planned on a BWCAW experience, are being re-routed to other entry points, and areas of the BWCAW, away from the fire area.

Entry Points Closed:
50 Cross River (Cross Bay)
51 Missing Link Lake
52 Brandt Lake
56 Kekekabic Trail East

Lakes Closed:
Red Rock
Sea Gull

Portages Closed:
Crooked Lake - Gillis Lake
Crooked Lake - Tarry Lake
Gabi Lake - Howard Lake
Gabi Lake - Peter Lake
Sag Lake - Red Rock Lake
Sea Gull Lake - Rog Lake
Sea Gull Lake - Alpine Lake
Sea Gull Lake - JA Paulson Lake
Rog Lake - Alpine Lake
Little Sag Lake - Virgin Lake

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