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[url=]Dwinell Fights For Istokpoga[/url:e411a]

While the concern for upper agriculture runoff is justified, I noticed that the article did not mention the removal of structure on the lake (weeds by spraying) or the effects of the spraying on the lake's food chain. Many, myself included, think that the structure that was removed should have been replaced by some other type of structure so that baitfish and fry will have some place to hide from predators. To me, this is essential for new young fish to be able to thrive. I've heard that few if any small fish are being caught and this is alarming. I also heard that the food chain on the lake is in trouble because of it, more so than runoff concerns. I just e-mailed Friends of Istokpoga to find out if my thoughts and what I've heard are justified.

Robert B. McCorquodale
Sebring, FL

"Flip a fly"