Thank-you for reading my signature.
As a card carrying tree hugger it pleases me to know you support alternative energy sources.
But, speaking as an adult, and as someone who has read your most reasonable posts in the past, I find it hard to believe you support this position. I don't believe you are that naive.
As you know petroleum is a most valuable commodity, not only to run America's gas hogs, but also in home heating and in the plastics and other industries.
Nothing would please me more than to rid the world of plastics as we know them, but that is not about to happen soon.
There is a lot of talk recently on the cause of gas prices
Those that blame the spike of gas prices on the world's emerging economies need to take a long look in the mirror.
The good ol' USofA has been the major abuser of the world resourses for a long time.

If the reason you drive a F-250 is so you have cargo space to carry the gas needed to power your monster truck sized lawn mower you are not only part of the problem. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM

As you are most likely aware wild turkeys are relocated for repopopulation and ringneck pheasant are native to asia and are stocked for hunting purposies only.
If you take a poll on the main board as to whether folks would rather catch a wild or stocked fish, I think you know the answer.
As to your statment;
You may not agree with the decision, but it is how they who make the rules, count things.
Those people are wrong.

Friends don't let friends drive gas hogs

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