I've just become aware of the fact that many people do not know of something that I thought was common knowledge all these years.

In addition to my other talents, I am a semi-retired professional chef. I interned at K-Pauls in New Orleans. A major ingredient in most cooking is Tabasco style-hot sauce. The reason I have always used only McIlhenny's is first, it is the only Real Tabasco Sauce, since the only real Tabasco peppers only grow on Avery Island in La. and it is owned by the McIlhenny family. But the main reason is that even before it was cool to be environmentally conscious, the McIlhenny family has always donated a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of sauce to saving Americas Wetlands, which includes some prime fly-fishing areas. So if you have a choice on hot sauces, you might give them a little extra consideration on your next purchase. Right now, they are funneling a large amount of money and resources into helping restore and repair the ravaged La. coastline. You can check it out at [url=http://www.americaswetland.com,:406c4]www.americaswetland.com,[/url:406c4] and [url=http://www.TABASCO.com.:406c4]www.TABASCO.com.[/url:406c4]

I salute you once again, McIlhennys! Keep up the good work!

Semper Fi!