Something happened to this "world class" fishery. We used to catch over a hundred smallmouth bass a day with a fly rod, now 3 would be a high catch day!! ..... and most have changed to live bait!! Channel cats and a couple red eyes, that's all that is left.

Too hot, too shallow, too much pollution, the weather is so screwed up, cancer from the sun, and runoff mud on the bottom, with all the stinkin' chemicals, all the fry were infected this year, >99% died. I see hundreds of dead smallmouth bass floating down the river........ makes me sick.

It's not just me, even the great Bob Clouser has complained many times about how this wonderful fishery is declining.... and getting worse every year. It once was great, now it stinks.

Overpopulated earth, too many anglers, and too much building, way too much blacktop.

I still like to fly fish, but I'm only living a memory, living in a dream world. Even with these wonderful graphite light rods, and these super lines, and all the wonderful flies, the anglers of 30 years ago caught way more fish than we catch today.

Most anglers I talk to now know that things are not like they used to be. They pretend to have a good time fishing. I do too!! A St Croix in my hand, and a smile on my face, but it's only a dream.

If I only had a time machine.

Anyone else fish the Susquehanna? What happened to all the bass?

the Longrodder