This story has been developing for a while now. Over 40 dead birds have been found now. Their tails and legs are being removed and the rest of the bird dumped on Native reserve land. Our eagle population here in BC is very very healthy and we have a huge amount of these majestic birds. Whenever I see a tree with 20+ Bald Eagles in it I am almost brought to tears with their sheer beauty and power.

It is known that not just Native Americans practice pow-wow rituals. Germans, Russians and many Asian cultures are starting to adopt this ritual and they are a large and expanding consumer for these black market eagle products.

Please if anyone tries to sell you eagle feathers or talons REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY! We need to stop the murder of these birds. If you see a large number of eagles congregating DON'T TELL POEPLE WHERE YOU SAW THEM!

Here is the article (only the latest of many)
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