A year in the life of an FAOL?er

(Sort of a retrospective, as FlyAnglersOnLine will be celebrating it?s 10th anniversary in early September).

I check my OWN profile now and again just to make sure that the DataBase gremlins haven?t changed anything by accident (it happens).

I noticed this morning that I signed up one full year ago. 1,352 posts later and JC still hasn?t banned me, ? so I guess I learned good from the likes of Jim, SilverTop (1&2), Chris in Bishop, Jack ?n all the Pirates, Diane, VEE & REE, Fred and Sarah, Allan, Allan and Allan, the Pharmacist, Don, Grumps, ?The Swede?, Mike, Mike and Mike and a whole lot of others.

That is, ? LF ?n JC keep a nice house. I, as a guest can drop by at any time of the day or night, ? as long as I wipe my feet on the way in and check the guns at the door.

I got a kick out of an e-mail that Deanna sent yesterday. Long story short, ? she wanted to thank ME for the contributions I do now and again.

Wow, ? talk about backwards ideals?.

To James and Deanna. ? Thank YOU for putting up with me, the gang, the pirates, spammers, unscrupulous capitalists, hackers ?n such. Thanks also to the Hosts in Chat and to Jim Hatch.

Thanks also for creating this ?community?. Yes a community. Heck, Ailsa even announced to us all that she tied the knot!! That?s community.

So this rambling text just wanted to say thanks to the admin, the regular users (best laughs on a Monday morning) and also to the newcomers.

So what have I learned from FAOL?:
  • I don?t know how to proof read.[/*:m:f15ae]
  • There are no ?newbies? at fly fishing, ? some of us have just made more mistakes than others[/*:m:f15ae]
  • Pirates aren?t just in the Caribbean[/*:m:f15ae]
  • The major activity at a FishIn may not be fishing (for the Pirates)![/*:m:f15ae]
  • No one knows how long it takes to learn to fly fish[/*:m:f15ae]
  • ? to be continued in another year[/*:m:f15ae]

Christopher Chin, Jonquiere Quebec
[url=http://pages.videotron.com/fcch/:f15ae]Fishing the Ste-Marguerite[/url:f15ae]

Edit 2006.0825 : The sequel:
http://www.flyanglersonline.com/bb/view ... 802#113802