A man finds a jacket on a park bench. In the pocket there is a card that reads, ?The Philosophers Club? with an address nearby. The man is an honest sort and he takes the jacket to return it to the rightful owner.

When he rings the bell Rene DeCarte answers the door and asks, ?May I help you??

The man explains the situation and asks, ?Do you know who this jacket belongs to??

DeCarte responds, ?Whom?
The man says, ?Pardon??
DeCarte says, ?Please sir, we are all philosophers here, precise language is essential to learning what is known, or can be known. You ended your inquiry with a preposition. I was merely correcting your grammer.?
The man thinks carefully and says, ?Do you know to WHOM this jacket belongs??
DeCarte replies, ?Hume?
The man, getting frustrated, says, ?OK. To HUME does this jacket belong??
?Yes? Decarte answers.
?Yes what??
?Yes to Hume?
?Fine! This jacket belongs to Hume?? asks the man getting frustrated.
Decarte replies calmly, ?Yes, that jacket belongs to Hume.?
?Are you trying to irritate me??
Decarte, taken aback, answers ?No, I am merely answering your questions?
?You can?t be serious.?
?I am serious, not Kant.?
?Can?t what??
?You can?t tell me to whom this jacket belongs??
?I already told you to Hume this jacket belongs.?
?But you said you can?t?
?No, I said I?m not Kant?
?Are you trying to get into a fight??
DeCarte quickly responds, ?I think not? and promptly vanishes.