As a younger parent (I have 2 daughters) I have read with interest at times when people discuss how their parents raised them (this goes along with the great topic of good old days). I am 30 and received a couple of spankings, (the worst was with the belt, ouch). But did this make me the person I am, or did it make me behave or follow the rules? This is a tough question because it has so many different variables. My parents loved me, I knew this at all times. I wanted to behave not because I would get a spanking, but because I would have fun with them. If I was acting up or doing something that was unacceptible I was told to stop, and usually did because I knew if I didn't their mood would be sour and any chance of fun (playing ball in the yard, fishing, going to my grandparents farm, etc...) would be lost. They instilled in me their values not necessarily with a belt, but by modeling the "right" behavior. My wife and I try to do this at all times, by picking up trash when we see it, talking about others with respect, being respectful to elders, and the life lessons that you want your children to have. You can't beat this into them, if you tell your child to stop f***ing cussing, then how do you justify it? So my question is was it the spanking, or was it the love really that made you who you were? If your dad used to wail on you, even though you may not steal do you refer to him as that "mean ole sob"?
Oh I am not anti-spanking either, but I use that as a last resort, spanking is not discipline it is punishment. Discipline is walking the walk, meaning doing what your are supposed to even when your parents, children aren't watching. I have seen too many friends who used to get wailed on, who were the ones that ended up in trouble, some in jail.
So conclusion to this long ramble, do you really think the physical (beating, spanking, whatever) made you a responsible citizen, or was it just the fact your parents cared?
I would like a 2 page written assignment in 12 font emailed to me, grades will be given for spelling and grammer.

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