I've submitted and order and recieved the paypal receipt on 7/28, From what I believe to be a decently well know fly tying whole sale merchant.I've since emailed this guy,and have recieved a couple back, the first stating that I'd have the order a week ago..that he had, Been waiting on out of stock items to arrive.

Well I sent yet another yesterday with the reply saying that, The order has been sent out and that I'd have it by mid week,He's not on the other side of the planet...I've ordered alot online or otherwise...and I'm getting a familiar feeling,Which is not good.

What I would like to know ,Is weather not any of you would keep giving this guy the benifet of the doubt.

And weather anyone has ever had to get ahold of paypal to take action on a purchase they made and never recieved the order...Possibly may come to that if this order has not arrived by say thursday....that's beyond the time frame givin to me...Iknow this is going to be the last I do biz with this man...
Saddly,It's where I heard of them, That really disapoints me....If this order is indeed the no show I fear it is going to be...

A post here, will be made,So this does not happen to any of you..Here is where I got wind of them..not this exact BB..but on the FT B Here...

"I've often wondered why it is that so many anglers spend so much money on,and pay so much attention to.the details on the wrong end of the fly line.If they took as much care in selecting or tying their flies as they did in the selection of the reel and rod,They might be able to gain the real extra edge that makes it possible to fool a fish that has,in fact,seen it all before" A.K.Best

"Wish ya great fishing"