But I just wanted to bask in the moment a lil. 8/15/05 was quite the day for me and my lovely wife to be, At 8:19pm, We welcomed a small (4Lb.10 Oz.) Suprise,( We were the only ones in the room at that preticular moment ) Scary feeling,Since I'm not a doctor!...She's as lovely as her mother,Sure did'nt get any of that from me ...
well I have to get some things done and get back to the hospital.

Have a wonderful day all.

"I've often wondered why it is that so many anglers spend so much money on,and pay so much attention to.the details on the wrong end of the fly line.If they took as much care in selecting or tying their flies as they did in the selection of the reel and rod,They might be able to gain the real extra edge that makes it possible to fool a fish that has,in fact,seen it all before" A.K.Best

"Wish ya great fishing"