I have been using a local fly shop for quite awhile. I took my family to the Little Rock airport and figured as long as I was in the "Rock," I would hit the shop. I got to talking with the owner and said I couldn't wait for the weather to cool down since I have 3 new rods in hand or on the way. He asked what kind and when I told him TFO he started a "session" on why I would want "Cheap Korean crap." When I told him why I buy TFO, he had a comment about when a certain TFO spokesperson passes on, maybe a TFO rod can be strategically placed. I walked out and will not return to that store. I have purchased 2 full rigs... rod, reel, backing, line and case for the price of one of the rods he recommends. Oh well... I like my TFO and have had nothing but excellent service from them. I had a question on lines for a 2 and 3 weight and would a certain Mastery line be better on a 4 than another. I had an e-mail back from Rick Pope within an hour that broke down the different Mastery lines that Lefty tried on TFO. I ended up with an 8' 2WT with a DT XPS, a 7'6" 3WT with an XPS DT also and a 9'4 with the XPS in a WF. I'll do a report on the lines when it gets cool enough for me to head out. Heat and humidity and my arthritis don't mix.


There is no greater fan of flyfishing than the worm.

Patrick McManus