Ok, Castwell won't spill the beans, but I will. OLN is going to do the following shows based on FAOL:

1. "Dude, where's my flats boat?" Our beloved Gary beaches his flats boat to go into town for a drink. After a few pops, he forgets where he left it and the camera follows him as he stumbles from beach to beach, frantically searching for his boat. Rated "R" for adult language.

2. "Northern Exposure." Canadian guide Chris Chin books a group of clients, only to discover they are practicing nudists. The wisdom of fishing barbless becomes apparent early on. Rated "R" for nudity.

3. "The Price is Right." A new weekly program where RonMt discusses the price of fly fishing gear. Rated "G".

4. "Angler Dave goes to White Castle." After a hard day of fishing, and a harder night of partying, Dave gets the munchies and goes out for sliders. Rated "R" due to adult themes.

That's the four in the can. There are some others being considered, such as "Salt Water Fishing in Ohio" (ha, that never gets old, does it Tuber), and an animated series, "Beavis and Benjo".

Any other suggestions?

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