Just happened upon a segment of Rolands show in OLN and for pete's sake the man has lost it! This "Pro" lands a bass and then holds it up waste-high & vertically . Then Roland talks to his camera man, his guest and the audience about trivia totally unrelated to the poor bass who's very essence in draining from his flesh. Then Roland grabs for and displays a package of lures, juggle his rod and gives some infomercial-all this time with the fading Bass in the air being whipped around to and fro. Then Roland finally decides to see where all those treble hooks are dug into and slowly frees the Bass & pitches it dimisivally away and cuts to commercial.

It was very uncomfortable to watch. I did not hear a word the man was preaching; just saying outloud "Come On Man,put the "dang" fish back in the water!!!" If I would have been on deck I think I would have been tempted to bowl him over and leave him in the drink to bob like an overstuffed olive.

Someone stop this man