Boy, better stay clear of me today! What's happened to manners? Can't even lift a finger to the keyboard to give a reply/response to a guy?

Twice I've sent a request to Dan Craft about materials and a catalog. No catalog. Hard to do business with a company that won't provide info.

While I'm grumping (re:bit**ing) When you do a favor for a person, involving many travel miles (500), gasoline for those miles (@$2.50 per gal), lodging ($65), materials (don't even ask!), and a lot of personal time and energy (2 days/1 night), shouldn't that person at least be acknowledged?

And then!!....

I bought a new computer two months ago, only to find out that there is a whole new operating system for it...that came out 10 days after I bought the computer. Now if I want that system upgrade it'll cost me $150.00!! As per yesterday, the store (Micro Center) said there wasn't anything they could do, even "if" the salesman knew about the new system when I bought the 'puter, saying "Looks like you got screwed" HONEST! That's what he said!! I was so angry, I had to leave the building. Thought I was going to puke on him...and probably should have!

What happened to integrety? Personal pride? Manners?

I tell you...stand clear!!

Trouts don't live in ugly places