J Cs' post reminded me. Abouth a month ago while cleaning up, I found a butt section (only) of an Eagle Claw 5/6 wt rod. I recall, that about 10 yrs ago I lost the tip in a "cast and ooopppsss" situation. My small fly was not enough to hold the section in the current and .......... In any case, I liked that rod very much. I called Eagle Claw an explained that although the rod probably cost only about $30 did they possibly have a tip section I could purchase . They ( rod and reel repair dept.) asked me to send in the section I had so that a good match could be made. No match was found so they sent me back A NEW ROD including my butt section postpaid and no charge.
I don't know how I can show my appreciation to them in the future but this post will be step one.

PS. It occurs to me that Wright McGill, Eagle Claw has been in business for many years. No wonder .

I'd rather be in Wyoming!